Distinguishing Features That Make Vitamix Juicer The Ideal Choice For Juicing

Vitamix Juicer

Juicing is beneficial for your health; there is no doubt about it. But, since making fresh juices can be quite messy as well as time-consuming, not many people like making them on a regular basis. However, what many people don’t know is that, there is a less messy, faster and easier option to making juice with Vitamix juicer. Vitamix juicer is a very powerful kitchen appliance that does an amazing job of offering you with great tasting, healthy juices. The machine juices very quickly, and it also chops and purees at a remarkable speed. Here are a few distinguished features of Vitamix juicer, which makes it the perfect juicing solution.

Healthful Drink:

Vitamix is different from other juicers as it is designed to assist you not only in extracting the fruit and vegetable juices, but also to help in extracting the fibers content from the ingredients. Juices extracted using Vitamix includes the entire pulp from the vegetables and fruits. The pulp is where a substantial amount of enzymes, fiber and nutrients of the vegetables and fruits reside, which means, you will be receiving additional goodness of the food you juice.

Easy To Store:

Vitamix juicer is quite easy to store. Also, the juicer is shaped in the form of a blender, which is a pretty simple design hence; it becomes very advantageous since you will be able to store it anywhere. As a matter of fact, you won’t have to allocate a very large space on your countertop. You can simply keep it on the countertop and have it ready for utilization at any point of time.

Easy To Clean:

Most juicers are expensive and have several small parts and add-ons to clean however; Vitamix juicer has only two parts i.e. the blender jar and the blade. This convenience makes it simple and effortless to make nourishing and delicious juice whenever you want.

Produce Less Wastage:

The Vitamix juicer juices the whole fruit and vegetables. Hence, you get thick juice full of enzymes and less wastage as compared to a regular juice extractor. You also stand to retain higher amount of minerals, natural phytochemicals, sugar and trace elements from the vegetables and fruits. Moreover, including the pulp also implies less kitchen waste.

This juicer can be used to make an entire range of foods, which includes desserts, smoothies, salsas, beverages, soups and much more. Additionally, each unit comes with a free cookbook that has 300 different recipes, which you can try out. The blades of the juicer are laser cut and so powerful that they can easily chop seeds, nuts as well as grind ice. This juicer is exceptionally sturdy and an effective piece of kitchen appliance. Also, the warranty on this product ranges from 3 to 7 years so, they endure for a prolonged period of time. Vitamix juicer is also rated quite high in customer satisfaction.

Overall, Vitamix is an impressive product for all who desires to make quick meals and eat healthy. Though, the appliance is on high-end price range, it’s worth the price since it can last for a very long time. So, if you are looking to buy a new juicer, you must definitely give Vitamix juicer a try.

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