Interesting Facts about Nespresso Capsules

nespresso-capsulesIf you are planning to buy Nespresso capsules, you may want to look into these fascinating details about the product that will help you make the right purchasing decision. Here, you will find more about the caffeine and calorie content of these coffee capsules, as well as other interesting pieces of information about the product.

Key Facts about the Caffeine Content of the Capsules

The amount of caffeine in Nespresso capsules vary from about 55 to 65 mg. For instance, lungo blends have more caffeine content, as it has 20 percent more amount of coffee for each capsule. Thus, you can expect this variety to have at least 77 to 89 mg of caffeine. Moreover, the content depends largely on the type of green coffee whether it is Robusta or Arabica, as well as the degree of coffee bean roasting. In some cases, the coffee origin may have minimal effect on the caffeine amount in the capsule. It is also worth mentioning that the decaffeinated varieties of these HiLine coffee pods still have some amount of caffeine, which is about 0.005 mg. What’s more, there is no existing correlation in the caffeine content and the coffee’s specific intensity. Save on coffee capsules with Nespresso discount coupon or check new Hiline Coffee product here!

Primarily, a serving of lungo (110 ml) has the most percentage of caffeine content, while the espresso have a maximum of 65 mg of caffeine for each 40 ml serving. The decaffeinated variety of the espresso also has less caffeine amount, as compared to the lungo.

The Nespresso operates on sealed type of coffee capsules, thus you are guaranteed that the single portion of espresso is fresh just like when it has just been ground. In fact, the Grand Curs are produced and manufacturers in sleeves, and it contains about 10 capsules of a specific blend.

How Much Do the Coffee Capsules Cost

As for the price of the capsules, the lungos and espressos have a retail price of $6.50 for each sleeve that contains 10 capsules. On the other hand, the Pure Origin variety of Grands Crus is priced at $6.70 a sleeve, while the limited edition blends and the Holiday Variation are sold at $7.00 per one sleeve. These capsules are also available at any of Nespresso’s boutique shops, or at the company’s online marketplace, mail order or fax.

Composition of the Capsules

The 16 Grands Crus by Nespresso including the Holiday Variations and Limited Editions are free of any type of allergens such as gluten, nuts and lactose. In addition, these blends are made of 100 percent pure coffee, and these are sealed tightly to prevent the coffee’s exposure to moisture and air. Thus, any references made to cocoa, malt and milk are considered as the major components of the capsule’s aromatic profile instead of suggesting their physical components in each capsule.

All the variations of coffee capsules by Nespresso are completely free from allergens, and you can use these conveniently with the Nespresso machine. Based on the intensity of the six Grand Cru, these variations are crafted remarkably with ingredients that are extracted naturally.

Bottom Line

Coffee capsules by Nespresso provide people with the delectable goodness of fresh coffee with superb taste. With the notable healthy composition, calorie content and taste of these capsules, they sure make an excellent buy for coffee drinkers out there.

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