Vitamix 500 Review

Vitamix 500

The Vitamix 5000 is a high performance blender that can be used to juice whole foods, make baby foods, or even whip up fruity blender drinks such as margaritas. This blender can also be used to make delicious ice cream, smoothies, and other frozen treats.

* Product Features

The Vitamix 500 features a high performance two peak motor horsepower with variable speed control. Blender comes with a removable plug, spill proof vented lid, and tamper for use in extreme food processing. Product features a 64 ounce see through container and durable wet blades constructed from space age polycarbonate.

* What’s Included With The Vitamix 5000?

Not only do you receive the high performance blender, there is also a 240 page cookbook in a 3 ring binder style, entitled “Recipes For Better Living”. This cookbook alone would normally cost $50, but is included with your purchase of the Vitamix 5000. Cookbook contain full color photos and over 300 tasty recipes. Also included is another color-coded step by step instructional book with recipes and how-to hints. You will also receive an instructional DVD that gives users a quick start guide on how to use the blender to prepare healthy recipes for themselves and their families.

* Product Warranty

The Vitamix company provides a 7 year warranty for this product. It product fails to perform as it should for a full seven years from the purchase date, they will offer a free repair.

* Product Specifications

The 2+ peak horsepower motor also offer variable speeds. Equipped with a high efficiency radial cooling fan and thermal protection system that helps to prevent product burnout or overload. This motor typically outlasts other blenders due to the low-friction ball bearings.The Vitamix 5000 can be purchased in your choice of colors black, red, and white.

*Pros of the Vitamix 5000

A well built blender made from hard, durable materials that is simple to use and user friendly. The blade is tough and can handle a variety of foods, including ice and nuts. This is a large capacity blender that holds a lot of food and can mix many recipes most blenders are not capable of mixing. Design of the blender allows for easy cleaning.

* Cons of the Vitamix 5000

One drawback to the Vitamix 5000 is that the container contains BPA which is not healthy for human consumption. A polyester container may be purchased as a safer alternative over using the original container that comes with the blender. The large capacity of the blender can be a plus, but may also pose some issues when attempting to store the blender, due to it’s height. Some noise and vibration during use was noted by some consumers, which is typical with blender use in general. Some customers claim that the blender gets a bit hot when using for tough jobs. The Vitamix also tends to be rather expensive, but most customers feel that for what it does, it is worth paying the price.

* Overview

The Vitamix 5000 tends to be a pricey blender, although heavy duty and durable. Most consumers were pleased with their purchase and would recommend this blender to others.

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